Halo Forced Crossplay is a Spit in the Face to Fans!

Forced crossplay is the most redundant insult to the community players that have supported the franchise since the start! Anyone here reading this is one thing primarily and that thing is the community. I think we can all agree that forced crossplay is totally Unnecessary. I’m so tired of getting match with players and rent that has the advantage of mouse and keyboard. And PC users complain about auto assist. This isn’t necessary at all the option is there it’s just not implemented. The reasoning for this I have no clue… The Xbox community have supported halo since day one I used to love lan parties. Now I’m forced to play with whoever Microsoft or halo wants I just don’t understand. It’s just not a fair playing field mouse and keyboard are a lot more responsive than a controller. You don’t have to balance the gap in between the systems. Just please add the option. Modern games seem to be pushing forced crossplay and it’s toxic. (Going to safety and privacy settings doesn’t help I have tried.)

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you don’t need more than one thread on a subject