Halo Fleet Battles

With the sad closing of Spartan Games today, I fear that Halo Fleet Battles and Ground Command will more than likely die along with it. I want to ask that 343 not let it die. The models were a nice addition to a Halo fans collection as well as being great table top games to play. The creativity spawned from these games were amazing with people painting ships with great themes such as: UNSC, Covenant, Swords of Sanghelios, Banished, Insurrectionist, Early halo games, late Halo games and many more cannon and non-cannon. It created a new community with fans travelling from far and wide to play games with each other. so please 343. Do not let such great table top games die.
I know it unlikely that 343 will read this but I hope that they will not the games die along with Spartan Games.

  • A long time Halo fan

Devastated, utterly devastated. I was looking forward to banished units. Please Microsoft continue their legacy.

I only recently got into fleet battles but i lacked funds to get any more than the set I got as a gift. I felt it was something i could really enjoy. I got a job offer a few days ago and was looking foreword to being able to afford more sets once i get paid. Its such a tragic loss.

Halo Fleet battles introduced Halo fans to an aspect of the Halo universe that never got the screentime it deserved in the games, capital ship combat. The rules are easy to pick up quickly and flexible enough to allow players to customise fleets to a play style that suits them and the miniatures are nothing short of beautiful. I got a Pheonix Class in the post a few weeks back and the level of detail blew me away. I haven’t played Halo Fleet Battles since February of 2016 when I went down to Portsmouth to take part in a tournament being held in a local games store. I’d been meaning to get back into gaming with my fleets and introducing some of my friends to HFB for some time as well as working on armies for Ground Command. Both games have such great potential, to anyone from 343/Microsoft who is reading this I implore you do not let these wonderful games die.

I am deeply saddend hearing that Spartan games is no more, I really enjoyed playing fleet battles and was hoping to continue building my fleets, as well as get into ground command soon. I really hope Microsoft can find away to pick up where spartan left off.