Halo First Person Shooter / Real Time Strategy

Dear fellow Spartans,
Have you ever been playing Multiflag CTF Hemorrhage and thought to yourself, “This game would be over if my team could just work together for once!”, or been playing Halo Wars and wished that your marine squad could use common sense and engage the almost dead hunter team they’re walking right past instead of going for those last 25 resources? If you have then you know my pain. Okay, well i dont want to turn this into a persuasive essay, so i’ll just get to the point. Here’s my idea. I want 343 to make a gametype (possibly a game project after halo 4 if the programming is to big for a gametype.) that combines the customization of FPS in the Halo series along with the strategy implemented in Halo Wars.

Basically, it would involve one member of each team being that team’s Commander that doesn’t play in the actual game, but instead commands around the people playing as fist person shooters. Lets say for example your the commander, and you look over and see that the enemy is sending a strike force to destroy your base, you could select a few people and press X on your base, a DEFEND objective would show on those peoples’ screens telling them to defend the base.

This is still a very basic idea and i would love to see ideas for this below or if you want to private message me, any help is very appreciated.

You’d have to apply points for the squad members on the map to earn for completing such objectives.

The only problem with this idea is that some people are -Yoinks!- and won’t bother doing what you tell them. If there was some way that you could enforce your order, then it would be cool.

Don’t get me wrong I would seriously love to play that sort of gametype. I thought about this myself before, but there are too many people that would ruin it and not play in the spirit of the game. Any ideas on how things could be kept in order?

not exactly. my only thought would be something along the lines of big credit bonuses for completing objectives.

then again i dont know how exactly you would “complete” defending a structure.

Hmm… You could also create death barriers on the edges of the path set by the field commander of your team.

When the path is made to a location, the squad would have a little bit of leeway to do as they want, but it would be more of an on rails type of system.

You know?

yeah but thats borderline starting to take away from objective of the game. the other half of it is so the commander gets more of a feel that hes commanding arround actual people, that make decisions, wether be good or bad. im thinking more something like the commander could give you negitive credits or maybe even bump you a rank if you were bad enough. but if we give too much power like that to the commander then whoever is commanding might abuse it as well.

The game mode you’re suggesting is certainly a squad based one, where the team would need to go in with a group of friends to ever win. Barriers are just fine, if a great enough distance is made to allow some mobility.

by the way i just suggested the idea to bungie hopefully for their new game.

Im also thinking that the units wouldnt all be FPSs, some might be allied AI.

Nice to hear. That would be something I would actually buy.


any other ideas? anyone?