Halo Firefight

I hope they add Firefight back to Halo I really enjoyed it in Halo Reach and Halo 3 ODST. it would be nice if they let us forge our own firefight maps using the maps available in the Halo games. instead of using Forerunner structures in Forge have UNSC structures instead in forge for designing entire firefight maps. I think 343 Industries can stretch the next gen console a whole lot to do this. they can make it where you can place UNSC Marines and Army to help defend the area AI control though. you design your own Firefight Character it can be UNSC soldier/ODST or Spartan. also make it where the enemy AI is a little smarter where they may not attack your base until they have a large force. also have where you can set the density of the enemy where they just continue to attack for a while. i’m sure there are plenty of ideas for firefight.

yeah, firefight was the best. i love turning on invincibility and wrecking everything.

Yep, firefight needs to come back.