Halo Film Cast List

In a screenplay I am toying around with, I cast Idris Elba as Sergeant Johnson during his tenure in the ORION program. I think his previous roles in Pacific Rim and Prometheus prime him for an epic performance if he can let himself go and be a bit more gung ho!

As for Master Chief, I can’t think of anyone who would suit the role…

Who would you cast as what Halo character, and why?

Neal McDonough has to play Captain Keyes. He looks just like the Anniversary model of Keyes.

David Scully should just play Johnson. He looks enough like him and he does his voice in-game. Although, Idris would be good.

Jen Taylor did the motion capture for Halsey in Halo 4, so slap some old lady makeup on her, die her hair grey, and you have your Dr. Halsey. Perfect voice, too.

Instead of a CG Prophet of Truth, just put Steve Buscemi in some makeup.

Master Chief will be some super tall fit guy in Mjolnir armor with Steve Downe’s voice dubbed over. If you’re going to show his face, then stick Carrot Top or Gary Busey in there because you just ruined Halo.

And somewhere in there…Morgan Freeman.
Everything’s better with Morgan Freeman.