Halo fest: community playdate idea

As some may know at Pax Prime, Halo Fest is happening. From friday 26 august to sunday 28 august, but as cool as this event sounds some fans are unable to make it to this event due to various reasons. I propose that we set up a type of community playdate that will last the duration of the event to celebrate 10 years of halo. If this gets enough attention I will update this thread with ideas.
Better to post this now so we can get ready better

So… I see these community playdates get posted…

My interest peaks and I want in…

But sometimes… for one reason or another… I forget about it or I just can’t make them on the day. So I probably only take part in 50% of the events that happen here on Waypoint. xP

But celebrating 10 years of HALO?

In the words of the Chief: “I won’t miss.” -this!
Its a great idea! Count me in!! xD

I’d participate in that, maybe go a complete 24 hours for the heck of it (okay, that’s a bit much…) but if this were to happen, then count me in

im down.

I’ll play, too. When I’m not on the PAX floor that is. And when I’m not at HaloFest.

I’d join in, but I’m not going to be taking my Xbox with me to Seattle.