Halo feels like work

Things have moved to place that playing Halo after reaching level 4 in the Battlepass the game feels like “work” already. Its just exhausting and depressing to see a game go down because it is so disrespectful of the player.

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I can’t help but feel that this was to try incentivise the player into buying Battle pass tier skips, but due to the constructive criticism 343 have been getting (as they ignore anything that isn’t constructive), I believe this issue will be fixed to make it far easier to earn tiers. Just remember this is still a beta, and if this is the feedback they’ve been getting already, they’ll change it so the player can earn larger amounts of XP at least by the time the game fully launches, if not earlier.

Exactly why I quit and went back to MCC already. I still have fun on MCC, but Infinite is so boring and I just cant force myself to play it. Gameplay isnt rewarding for me on infinite and experience felt like such a grind.

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Yeah I’m not even looking at the Fractures event. That’s too much effort for armour which is mostly locked behind a paywall anyway.

Funnily enough, I’m heading over to No Man’s Sky who are replaying all their free ‘FOMO’ events from the year in case you missed them. I certainly missed a few.