Halo Fat Rat legitimate?

I’ve been watching this guy for a while now. (Girl?).

I’ve heard Fat Rat uses controller, and I want to believe someone can be as good as Fat Rat…However…some of the content is highly suspect.

I noticed the ‘snapping’ of aimer. It doesn’t always happen, and many shots you can tell are done by a person. Sometimes though, sometimes it’s almost as if he clicks a button and the shot is taken for him. I don’t mean ‘wow, what great game knowledge’ - I mean fractions of a second that human reaction time can’t actually reach. (The fastest is 0.15 ms - this is top tier reaction time and we should assume Fat Rat is capable of highest tier reaction time).

This is where I debate myself. On the one hand, maybe Fat Rat was just aware enough to know where to look, and already planned on taking the shot before he ever snapped the reticule into place, which would mean it’s not a reaction, but an action, which can be done more quickly.

On the other hand, the snapping of reticule is something I’ve only ever seen my friends who play CS:GO do at high level play. (I’m not sure when people get good in CS:GO, I’m the lowest rank, my buddies are the highest - I aim like I am being attacked by Bees when using MnK).

Does Fat Rat use MnK? Is that why he has ‘snap-like’ snipes?

I’m a 50 in H3 for xbox, and onyx for halo infinite. I’m not salty because Fat Rat is IMO, the best player playing H3 hands down. Rather, I’m confused by what I can’t understand.

I don’t understand where the level of snap is coming from. Fat Rat does play on a high sensitivity which may aid in ‘snapping’ the reticule.

To my knowledge; aimbots don’t snap. They shoot and I believe bullet location is what changes. I’m not 100% on aimbots though; I’ve never used them on any game.

Walling may be a viable explanation (AKA ESP).

What are your thoughts? I love Fat Rat and his content, but does anyone else find some of the clips sus?


Pay attention to the account names in the videos.

Constantly makes new accounts and smurfs against new players. Quits if another player beats them to sniper.

This person is not “the best player playing Halo 3 hands down”. They farm clips against new players.


EXACTLY. This man gets it. Mint Blitz is no different lol