Halo fans wont change

The prices can be reasonable or too high, but it really doesn’t matter. Even if the 343i release new fantastic armor for sale, people still wouldn’t buy it and want it to be “earned” even if the armor is worth its price.

How much meaningful achievements can you make for 10 years for every armor?

Beat Halo Infinite on Legendary only crouching

Just because people want some items tied to unlocks doesn’t mean their against a store altogether. Having customization unlockable gives something to work towards. It gives meaning to the armor. The armor then means something. People seem to miss this feeling. That doesn’t mean they don’t understand some level of monetization is necessary in a free to play game. You’re taking things to the extreme here.

As someone who grew up with Halo, I know I’d like both unlockable and paid armor. Maybe not everyone is like me, and that’s okay, but a lot of us do exist.


People love in game rewards…

I personally think that 343i will end up coming out with some in the not so distant future (in 2022) and that they wanted to spend more time on the unlocks/rewards to make sure they were actually worth getting. I mean if they put in game rewards for Infinite in already they’d be just as lame as the “armor” lockers in Campaign. No thanks I would like it if they had something special for my hard earned work.

I mean, the store is the perfect place for things like cat ears, vehicle and weapon skins, Armor / Kill effects, I wouldn’t really want some of those things to even be earnable either.

At the same time, I would like for there to be something that I can wear in MP that can only be earned through a feat, even if I don’t plan on doing a Legend Laso run, shouldn’t the people who do, have something to show for it? Onyx ranking has a sticker and charm those are nice, a good addition, why not add similar things elsewhere?

And what exactly qualifies an armor piece as being “worth its price?” Especially when that price is on par with a grocery budget that could last a person a full month if spent wisely….

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This. Some people absolutely GUSH over Noble Six’s helmet. Me? I think it’s ok (mainly because it was the “noob” helmet for Reach). Anyway, these people would probably buy a $20 pack just to get their favorite helmet, while I may feel that it should be free or only a few bucks. Is Mk. V [B] worth beating Legendary for? To some. Not everyone. The value of cosmetic is completely arbitrary to the buyer.

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They literally offer a full armor set, coating along with attachment once for 20 bucks and people complained. What do you call worth 20 bucks?

Also, I live by myself and 20 bucks of groceries is enough for a week if I only eat mornings.

The problem here is that the shop isn’t just for some accessories. Tell me, do you obviously see yourself using the shop to buy keychains for your gun? Ever?

Though not saying everything should be a shop without achievements. Im only saying that not everything should be an achievement. Hayabusa is something of the past. Achilles was the main deal in Guardians. I don’t want to grind Hayabusa every new game for an armor that came out more than 10 years ago.

Thats why i said if you spend wisely. Go google how far $20 can get you in terms of food and im sure you’ll be humbled by just how much stuff you buy that you dont need.

But i digress…
$20 is not an arbitrary amount of money, especially in the context of a virtual world that serves no purpose beyond entertaining us and helping us escape the current grim reality we live in. When people need to pay rent and utilities, buy groceries, pay home, car, and health insurance, maybe pay off student loans, and heck, maybe even support a child, $20 is not an arbitrary amount of money. Sure some people might be able to afford it no problem. But what are they getting? Physically speaking, nothing but a dopamine rush and dent in their budget. Metaphysically speaking an ego boost and a set of chains that tethers them to the corporate greed that permeates the reality that they are trying to escape by playing these games.

The point is we’re being taken advantage of as fans of the Halo universe. These were once features that were included with the game. Things that were inherent to the Halo experience. We all happily paid money to buy the game and be a part of that experience. Now, its all being leveraged against us by saying that the game is free to play so that they can justify the notion of asking their fanbase to buy the game 3 times over just so they can have the same level of player expression that they used to have.


Cut prices in half, give us back default colors, and have decent unlockable cosmetics, and I’d be totally okay with the store. I don’t think $20 is worth it for one armor set. Especially if it’s armor we’ve already gotten in two previous paid games, such as Hazop.

I just want the features which we have enjoyed in previous Halos back. I don’t think this much is hard to ask.

  • Choosing our own colours
  • Cross-coring (or the ability to mix and match everything we own)

Robbing player choice in customization is the ultimate bastardization and betrayal to the entire concept of customization.


They rob us of basic customization while bragging about the millions of customization options they’re gonna have day one. Then people act all surprised when we’re not happy about having to spend $20 to buy armor from 10 years ago that we’d already paid for and unlocked twice.

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I’m not against weapon skins, vehicle skins or any of that in the store, just armor related stuff should ALL be free, yes including visors.

The issue is other games had good progression

Had armor that didn’t need any achievements or anything for unlocks and then armor related to achievements

Armor was purchased with credits earned based on performance

Armor related to levels as well as challenges

While req packs suck and I hate them you could still get armor from those packs with real money of in game money that you earned

This system just doesn’t work compared to other games in the franchise and the prices are ridiculous. And yes I do have the disposable income to buy the weekly armor but the thing is it doesn’t feel right. I want to be able to look at my spartan and go “yeah the week I spent getting 150 hog kills was worth it” like I did with the enforcer helmet in 4 or “wow the katana I got for getting 1k gamer score was worth it”. There’s no sense of accomplishment even with the willow tea coating or the battlepass when people can just buy it.

Maybe they don’t want it to be earned, maybe they just want games to go back from their hyper monetized state, and just give a range of cosmetics to people who support their game.
Also there is a fook ton of ways to keep rolling out achievements for earning the armor. Doom 2016 had a million customization options that were unlocked by playing the multiplayer (Getting kills with certain weapons, performing to a certain standard in matches).
The fans won’t change because the system used to be good, and there are so many other systems to take inspiration from but microsoft decided they wanted to be the fortnite store instead.

I’m not sure about others, but I’ve said it before several times that I’d be happy with these changes (well, some I haven’t mentioned before):

Battle Pass

  • Every item in the shop each season being included in the Battle Pass.
    With a lot of good items each season.
  • Battle Pass tiers.
    With the highest tier being $49.99 and including every item.
  • Faster progression for previous Battle Pass items.
  • Performance and medal-based XP.


  • Less challenges required for the weekly reward.
    So some challenges would become more optional.
  • All challenges except for ultimate challenges being available whenever.
  • A somewhat difficult ultimate monthly challenge.
    With a good reward, like an armor piece.
  • Free challenge swaps.
  • Rewards for not using challenge swaps each week.


  • A credit earning system.
    With events giving more credits.
  • Prices reduced by two-thirds at least.
  • All items being visible and able to be bought.
    With the daily and weekly items being more prominent.


  • Armor cores being limited to unique models, like Elites.
  • Free basic color coatings, visors and AI colors.
  • Coatings unlocking for armor, weapons and vehicles at the same time.
  • Different coatings for each armor piece.
    With an option to set the entire armor to one coating.
  • Shoulder pads being unlocked at the same time.
  • A stance editor.
    With props and set items being the items that cost.
  • An emblem editor.

Exactly. Have an unlockable Hayabusa helmet, and in the store have Kitty Ears.

Never buying from the store. They actually have to work for once for me to do that. So far. They are doing the bare minimum