Halo fans: help me convince 343.

There is one feature that has been really missing since Halo 2. It still existed but became more difficult overtime to the point of not caring.

I want to get out of the map. All I want is having the ability to remove soft and hard kill barriers ONLY in forge. I know it seems silly but I used to spend ours with friends breaking out of Gemini, Headlong and just about every conceivable map in Halo 2. It’s a wonderful communal experience and while being janky allows true halo fans to explore all of the art the game has to offer.

I want to see Halo 5 and all it’s glory. Even if I am stating at half an art asset and the bottom of the world is bare…-Yoink- Just remember Ivory tower.

Anyway I hope people will up vote this or something. I just really miss it.

P.S bring back the Mark of Shame Emblem. I haven’t felt whole without it.

P.P.S fully customizable control options. Just let’s is map them already. What’s the harm?

I would like this, those barriers annoy me.

I agree. That was fun and it’s something that made Halo what he is, different to other games.

Return to map is yet another trending feature ruining recent gaming.

This does not belong in Matchmaking.
I will not support this.

I would classify this as low priority.

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> This does not belong in Matchmaking.
> I will not support this.

OP clearly said “ONLY” in Forge. He’s right.

thumbsup for this

Yea this is an interesting feature that I had not considered. This would be slick. I’d definitely support that.

Oh but I forgot to add that I doubt very seriously that it will happen.

Agreed since get sick of seeing those return to maps, I’d take invisible barriers any day over it plus those annoying barriers is why we can’t ever have underwater griffball.

How about if you delete a barrier you can’t save the map?

I think the barriers are mostly fine, because it gives you a challenge to find a way around them. In the Halo 3 campaign my friend and I were searching for hours for a way to get out all of the levels and eventually we made it.

+1 Support.

those kill barriers are so annoying when forging, they also need to be removed from campaign, does anyone remember halo 3’s level “the covenant” there was some huge areas on that level! 10 second kill barriers make the level so linear and claustrophobic.

What made this fun though was the fact that it was an exploit, not just the fact that you can get out of the map. Make your own course to explore in Forge if that’s all you want.