Halo Fans are Ruining Halo Infinite

Once again, we have cherry-picking fans complaining to NERF all weapons which they perceive as overpowered and now the VK78 Commando is useless, the Bulldog is down to a Slow CRAWL, and the Ravager takes like 6 shots to kill. The Beta was almost perfect in balancing all weapons (which in interviews they said they took YEARS in perfecting) and here we are with the last minute changes screwing up the game again. Its Halo 5 all over again. Can you please all stop asking them to NERF weapons to make other weapons play better. its ruining the experience for all of us once more for the SECOND time in SIX YEARS. Thanks.

edit; All criticisms about the Battlepass and Cosmetics are VALID


Was there a patch I missed or something?


They made adjustments based on player data.

The commando was nerfed because it easily beat most weapons at ranges it wasn’t intended to dominate at.

Raveger is pretty pants now. Was decent in the beta but it isn’t a power weapon so kinda makes sense. It was overpowered in that respect.


I don’t really have any complaints with weapon balance at the moment.


What they need to do is nerf sniper damage on vehicles though.



Albeit the Ravager was a little OP the weapons were really good in the test flights, now I find myself only using the AR and the Needler in the beta.

All of these different weapons should not have been nerfed into oblivion. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into an Overwatch situation where the game is thriving but players start jumping ship fast because weapons (or characters in Overwatch’s case) start getting nerfed left and right.


So one hot take I’ve discovered about the challenge system…

If the community is calling for a weapon adjustment, they can assign a challenge for that given weapon and collect a plethora of data on its performance across people of every skill set.


So glad im not the only one who feels this way.

The Halo 5 Beta I had a spectacular time with. Then months later they Nerfed everything and it essentially turned into Paintball with Pistols. The reason Halo CE, Halo 3, (and Halo 4) worked so well is because the AR was perfectly fine as a stock but encouraged pickups to keep the flow of gameplay and movement going. Hopefully this is the last time they nerf everything and the commando and prowler gets fixed cause its not looking good out the gate.


You’re right

For example, I would like that they ONLY GIVE YOU ONE GRENADE instead of two to “Increase the experience of gunplay” and “E-sports”

Another thing I said that the MELEE-HIT is nerfed and as a sub weapon they give you a shotgun like Gears, which needs 2 shoots to kill you, this would increase the gun-play even more.

There you have the HALO-FANS defending the 1 hit KO mele hit and they give you 50 grenades at the start of the game


Yeah, I currently try to avoid using the Commando as much as possible. Bulldog is alright though.

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I agree. People need to stop complaining. Revert Ravager changes to pre- Beta, it was perfect a month ago. Now its basically garbage. Bulldog isn’t as bad but I wouldn’t mind the fire rate bumped a bit. Everything else is literally fine.


The gameplay in general is fine. IMO they need to focus on the following issues in no particular order:

Challenges (preferably removed for skill based xp)
More game modes/playlists (need to be selectable)
PC Optimization (allow more people to play the game)
Remove locked armor cores and aesthetics
Be significantly less greedy


Some things shouldn’t be “balanced”, and as a result of attempting to do so, this entire game feels watered down vs previous Halo’s.


Oh yeah this was pretty wild when I first learned you can pretty much 3 shot any vehicle with the thing. Like I get it its a power weapon but we already have a sniper with a DIFFERENT anti vehicle property (EMP from shock rifle) so I don’t quite understand why they would just include the overall better option of just deleting them with a S7.


I don’t even remember anyone complaining that the Commando was OP.
In fact even in Flight, Commando was pretty much just a BR for people who suck at aiming. (there I said it)

If used for its intentions, it’s still weaker than the BR.
In mid ranges it lost to the AR (duh), at long ranges it lost to the BR.

No idea why they just gutted Commando and made it useless.



I’m sorry but half of that’s a straight no.
You’re pretty much asking Halo to stop being Halo.


In addition to the unnecessary calls for nerfs, I would also like to call out the PC vs Console wars waging in these forums. It doesn’t take a degree in Xboxology to make an argument against more aim assist, and you don’t need to have built a $15000 PC to understand why PC players feel kinda jilted.

*but entirely overstated

There are huge issues with Ranked right now, playable content drought, and crashes that need to be addressed first


Oooooo, that’s actually a really interesting take

Dang Halo fans, they’ve ruined Halo!

EDIT: It’s interesting that the game has a Simpsons reference, yet I can’t make one on the forums without being censored lol.


Ah i was thinking HALO was a gun-play godly game not a MELEE-HIT & GRENADE-SIMULATOR with a tiny bit of gunplay included…

Just imagine how boring it will be to watch E-sports by halo-infinite.

4 vs 4 team battles started with a “spam” of 8 grenades per team and after the grenade-Storm with “null gun play” kill the remaining enemies with melee-hits. Good God this is not even a shooter anymore