Halo Fanfiction: Death Before Defeat

Death Before Defeat

The isolated moon Horizon is under attack from Covenant forces. It’s up to Nathan Jemison, (Before you ask, yeah, he’s the uncle of that redshirt in Palace Hotel) to defend the facility with his life. However, not all of his colleagues share his views, and Nathan refuses to compromise. Will any of them walk out alive?

A fanfic I wrote in a few hours. It’s heavily inspired by a modern military shooter, see if you can guess what it is.

Wow. This was awesome. Good and gritty like the books. Didn’t think Jemison was going to sacrifice himself. Thought he was going to crack and kill everyone. The part were Norris got shot by Jemison was really good. Took me two minutes to figure that’s what had actually happened XD.