Halo fan since OG Xbox, signing off

I love Halo, played all of them on launch day, read most of the books, bought the figures etc. I made so many friends and had so many fun memories. But all good things come to an end.

My friends have already deleted Infinite but I held out hope.

I persisted through not getting games in Australian servers, silly glitches, BTB not working, dumb progression systems … no co-op. But the issues just keep piling up, they never stop.

I think this morning just did it for me. Playing 250ms ping games against other countries, I had a challenge to get a needler kill, got one, but it didn’t count, attrition matches not counting towards other challenges… why even bother? I’m a parent with a full time job and a family, I don’t wanna spend my precious free time on a game with soooo many flaws.

It’s been a crazy fun ride, but 343 has shown a consistent pattern of making broken games and this is where I have to jump off. I’ve reached my limit. Goodbye Halo!


I’m going to stick with it for now but I understand your frustration. I want a game with replay ability like destiny but I don’t want to play destiny. I thought halo was going to be that, but once you finish camping the pve part is over.

I enjoy PvP a lot but it’s getting redundant. I hate the idea that cosmetics are considered content and are sold to us for real money. I refuse to buy cosmetics as it is a total waste and for the most part go completely unnoticed.

I know the game just launched and we’re still in the first season so that gives me hope. However I will drop halo in a second if a better option comes out. Crossfire x is looking pretty good but it’s free to play also which is a big turn off, so we’ll see

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Come to MCC, wait a year or two and infinite will either be the worst f2p out there or the best.


I don’t think it’s going to be the best because they’re trying to be like other games too much. The store with all it’s over priced garbage. Cosmetics in this game are so hard to see . People who want to play a game and look cute have so many better options. Then they’ll bring in battle royal which will probably be the worst out there. Halo needs to be halo and go back to its red vs blue roots.

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I feel this post, I really do. Im reaching my limit as well. At this point this game should have been delayed for a second year, the amount of missing content and clearly scummy design decisions just make me feel sick to my stomach. You got a fun game here but everything surrounding it just stinks of corporate interference and lack of true passion. I REALLY want to love this game, but I’m starting to think I’m just wasting my time.

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