Halo Fan Made Film!!! Be Part Of It!!!

Hey guys! I’m making a Halo/Live Action film called ‘The Game Player’. It’s going to be a action comedy with a lot of references to the Halo community and to Halo itself. I need voice actors and a co producer to help me put all of this together. I already have the story done, so I’m ready to start this thing! I do have a few requirement though. 1. Have a Xbox One. 2. Have Halo: MCC. 3. Great Mic. 4. Xbox Live. And before anyone asks, this is volunteer work, sorry, I can’t afford to pay anyone, but I want to give people the chance to be part of a feature film. So if anyone is interested or want more information, please go sign up here: http://galaxypictures95.wix.com/galaxypictures#!blank/c11em Thanks for your time, I look forward from hearing from you! - Kolton Steel.