Halo Fan-Fiction: Sigma Illuminous

Hello Waypoint community, I would like to finally bring up something that has been on the draw board since 2007. A Halo Fan-fiction called Sigma Illuminous. This project has been an idea that I had for a while and I have even writen a few short stories of this over time and I would really like to bring it to the community.

Sigma Illuminous was many things and the idea changed a lot since it’s birth on my draw earse board. This “Sigma Illuminous” is a name of a team of spartans. Since the it’s birth they were sought to be a team that existed 15 rears after the Halo event. I tried to keep this story kind of accurate with the Halo canon. The spartans through time were first Spartan IIs then Spartan IIIs then Spartan III Head hunters and now they are Spartan IIIs such as Noble team that have the Mjolnir armor set. Halo Reach inspired this change and I tend it to have it like this.

The setting is 15 years post Halo event and the Human colonies are rebuilding themselves, exlporing Forerunner Tech and learning how to use it and understand it. At the same time a civil war has broken out for the humans. Many abandoned colonies have little or no goverment and many had to defend for themselves for years. These people have felt betrayed by the UNSC and revolted and fought for revoultion. With this promblem at hand again many spartans are being trained and deployed to change the tide of this civil war

Illuminous Team are Tier 1 spartans and are hand picked from lists of spartans which have survived many campaigns and proved themselves the best of the best. These spartans were sought to carry out objectives to bring down the insurgencies fast and swiftly, taking down high priorty targets and ending the war. The last thing humanity needed was a war to person their process in restoring the colonies.

The story is simple at first but, later on as I progress my writing we might be seeing other conflicts arise that might not be human. The story can only grow.

Tell me your thoughts about this project. What do you think of it?

If you are interested in this you can also be apart of the of it by joining Sigma Illuminous at bungie.net groups. I am really exicited to get this project moving. This might also be a machinima as well. Thanks for checking this out.

draw board
draw earse board
the it’s birth
15 rears after
spartans through time
this promblem
apart of the of it

Yeah, good luck.

What abandoned colonies are you talking about? If you’re talking about the colony worlds that the Covenant attacked… there are no survivors left to feel betrayed.

> What abandoned colonies are you talking about? If you’re talking about the colony worlds that the Covenant attacked… there are no survivors left to feel betrayed.

I have must of worded this post incorrectly, (I have a tad bit of ADD and sometimes drift off to “la-la land” while I’m writing and I usually revise but, unfortunately I can’t on this forum) I might add that this project was started when I didn’t know about halo as I do now. A lot of things are still needed to be updated to fit with more information I’ve gathered about Halo. It was just an idea that some of the community can help me on and respect your criticism and will change errors.

I didn’t post this to brag, I posted this to get some help and criticism to actually make this an okay to good project. I must admit this is my first fan-fiction for halo and first fan fiction overall and most of the stuff I write is usually never posted or let seen by family or friends because I have a small confidence issue. If you want to another thing, I also can’t take criticism very well and it some times leads me to give up on aspirations so please be at least nice (truthful but don’t shun me down) when leaving feed back for future notice(Yours was good feed back for me). Thanks

> draw board
> draw earse board
> the it’s birth
> 15 rears after
> spartans through time
> this promblem
> apart of the of it
> Yeah, good luck.

I don’t get exactly what your trying to say.

Here are a couple of questions I’ll throw out there:

Why do you have to have Spartans in it? We barely get to see how any regular people have/might be affected by this war. And by regular people I mean foot soldiers or civilians. Having them as main characters instead of Spartans would allow for you to do that, allow the audience to empathize with your protagonists more. Because who’s more sympathetic: a 7 foot tall war machine clad in Mjolnir armor, or a regular civilian having to deal with the after-effects of watching their home-world burn?

Which brings me to my next question, which is really more of a question to satisfy one of my fan-urges. What are the Sangheili/other alien races up to?

And, an aside about your criticism comment. Speaking as someone who does creative writing semi-seriously (in college for it and submits to magazines), you can’t let negative criticism affect you that much. If you do, you will never finish anything, because there will always be someone who comes along who doesn’t word things quite right and the end result is harsh criticism, whether they intended it or not (and a good three fourths of the people who do harshly criticize will probably intend it). Speaking from personal experience, I also know that this is easier said than done, but if you don’t want to be discouraged from continuing projects you obviously care a great deal about, it’s something you will need to learn to cope with.

That being said, if you want some tips on how to deal with criticism, or anything else related to creative writing, feel free to send me a PM. I’m more than willing to help you out.

To answer your first question, I have thought about that but, at the time I was 14 when coming up with the idea and at that age you kind of well… go for the “ossim war soldier thing”. And I might add that also at first it was supposed to be a machinima and Halo 3 was either spartans or elites plus the fact that all the machinimas I watched were about spartans.

For your second I was planning to follow with the story “The Return”.

For your comment on my criticism comment, I really did not mean what I said. I came on here already in a bad mood. When I’m like this I get really irrational, negative, short fused and just lose judgment. In short I came on here being a child and I am sorry. I’m sorry to the poor fellow I exploded on that only gave a simple suggestion as well. Now I even see a pattern in myself saying things I don’t mean to see say. Whatever, I guess everyone’s some type of screwed up.

Kinda old post, but I’d like to help.