Halo Fan Art

<em>Well, just as the tittle says, this place is for all of you who whant to share your fan art creations of halo (New types of enemies, vehicles, weapons, etc). Be free tu publish at any time and as many art as you want. I hope to see this place full of creative art works and wish for 343 take a look at your work too :slight_smile:</em>
<em>Here is an example of how you can submit your art:</em>

  • Cryogenic Rifle
    The Cryogenic UNSC rifle is a prototype weapon. The gun operates with a special ammunition in gel-based liquid nitrogen, which trips in short bursts. After receiving a number of impacts, the target is frozen and dies instantly.
    The weapon is also equipped with a thermal camera, designed for use against Covenant units that use active camouflage.








Love these pic’s of your “Cryigenic Rifle” can’t wait to see more art soon. Thanks for starting this feed.