HALO fan art (fixed)

Hello Spartans I am back (this time problems are fixed) now this time I am going to try this the right way. Now referring to my last post which I am not going to link as it was a failure I am instead going to post this saying what and why.
The what is that I am a artist 18 who likes halo if you were to go to my twitter which is @hawkeyeGUNS and looked at my photos first you would see lots of memes but you would also see lots of halo fan art that I make for my followers if you want to have one made either follow me and message saying what helmet along with colors and visor colors you would like, or email me at mystifyinghawkeye@gmail.com where I will be able to send it to you personally my whole goal of this is to showcase my art to a wider group.

Good luck on the virtual battlefield