Halo Faction Wars recruitment and my 100th post!

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Hello everyone my name is DaBigestBob and I am the founder of the community Halo Faction Wars. We are a group that offers a sense of strategy and command into a 6 month campaign. Also when you join you will be able to post ideas to better this group. The more voices given the better since we get a wider range of opinions and ideas. Allowing creativity to flow.

You do not need to leave your clans to join the community to participate in events the most you will have to do is switch from spartan to Elite or vice verse depending on your chosen affiliation. We will have battles every weekend if all goes well.

Here is a rough outline of how the Community works. There are three factions floating around the UNSC Covenant and Freelancers. The Freelancers are special and just work for hire to fight for the highest bidder whether it be Covenant or UNSC. The UNSC and Covenant compete in 6 month campaigns to gain the most territory. At the end of campaign the winner gets bragging rights and a boost in the next campaign.

However the leadership in the factions may change at the end of campaigns as well. The UNSC may be like “hey we want a new commander in cheif” and they can vote a new leader into power same goes with all the other factions.

Throughout the weeks periodic events will keep everything interested from Holiday events to game nights to special events such as Flood Outbreak and Halo Discovery. The main thing though is the outcome is up to you guys the soldiers for the factions and perhaps eventual leaders.

I hope to see some new faces and if you any comments questions and concerns send me a pm please and if it isn’t a rude remark you may post below. Thank you everyone and have a very nice day.