"HALO: Eye of the Storm," a new Halo 3 machinima (trailer & film)

If this doesn’t get your blood pumping for Halo: CE Anniversary, you don’t have a heart.

Check out the 2 min 16 sec TRAILER for HALO: Eye of the Storm.

Check out the full 22 min 41 sec HALO: Eye of the Storm

Fun film facts:

  • HALO: Eye of the Storm took just under two years to complete.
  • Each 1-3 second shot took on average 5 hours to capture.
  • The first 2-minute scene is made up of 58 shots. That’s approximately 290 hours of capture time.
  • HALO: Eye of the Storm is the only Halo machinima of its scope to ever be completed entirely in Campaign mode.
  • It was done by one guy working alone (not counting voice actors and titles).
  • It cost just $540 to make.

The machinima creator is Philip Kang aka XBL: JEFFR1ES aka my husband.

Thoughts? Feedback? What do you think??

This is really awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

DarkMoon64, thanks so much for the heads up. I think I fixed the link. Glad you liked!