Halo: Extinction

Hello everyone!
I’m currently working on a Halo crossover fanfiction and I would like to see what everyone thinks of some ideas. So far, I have the idea of Halo in the same universe as Transformers and Gears of War with the COG being the Insurrection relocated to a new planet. The Transformers are old forerunner constructs that have been given sentient life as an attempt against the flood. I would like to try and include the xenomorphs from Alien vs Predator as a counter parasite designed by the forerunners as well to counter the flood as well as the predator who is just another alien species who has formed a sport to hunt the xenomorphs just like in AVP. I would like ideas to see if anyone agrees or disagrees. If I get mostly negative comments, I guess I’ll just scrap the idea but if not, I’ll write it by acts on the forums. Five acts per book and there will be 3 books.


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> Example?

Example of what?

lol i thought this thread was referring to 343 xD

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> > 2533274797756411;2:
> > Example?
> Example of what?

Provide an example. It’s easier to comment when I have something to read.