Halo: Evolutions Vol. II

Volume II is now out. Just picked mine up with a gift card. Only new story in it is Wages of Sin, kinda sad there’s not more, but I had to use my gift card on something.

Much like Vol. I, I’d say leave this behind unless you don’t have the original copy. Otherwise stop by a store, read the new stories in Vol. I and II, check out the artwork, and move on.

I’m hoping that one day there will be a Vol. III with all new stories.

I may be getting part 1 and 2, and just give the old copy to a friend. I like to have everything halo

This bothers me, as a fan.

So, what has essentially happened is that the original Evolutions was split in half, got new artwork, and one new story?

I’m not going to call this wrong, because I don’t think that something morally bad has happened. But I will call it blatantly greedy. Splitting up Evolutions and adding new stories so that you can have people buying new books? I could actually live with that. But only some artwork and one new story was added. Seems a bit lazy and ill-thought out.

I’ve said before that no company has any real ‘duty’ towards its fans except for providing them with a decent product, and as such fans can’t really effectively gripe and beg for more. But can you call this a decent product? Probably. The stories in it haven’t really changed, so it’s not like they took out anything good. And I can’t say that they’ve put anything poor into it.

But, as a fan, I kind of wish that whoever made this decision had a bit more respect for us. I mean, is that all that 343i sees us as, a group of people to wring money out of? I know that I have no basis to stand on here and demand more respect, but all the same I’d kind of like it.

As a side note, I’d like to say that I’m not directing this at the mods on this board or the people like bs angel, Vociferous, and Cocopjojo. You guys are here on a regular basis, interacting with us and doing your best to ensure that everyone gets along and has a good time. To accuse you of having no respect for us would be erroneous at best, and treacherous at worst.

This is directed more at the people who make the decisions as to what gets produced next, the managers. As a fan I’m asking you if you could have a bit more respect for us when you make decisions like this. We’re a loyal bunch, if you treat us right. I’m not asking for a whole new novel series, or even for a new version of Evolutions with tons of stories. I’m not about restitution. All I’m politely asking is that you guys please think about the fanbase a bit better before decisions like this are made. We’ll buy what you produce, but we’d like work put into what we’re giving our extra money for. That’s all.

Two new stories, each volume has had one story added.

Also this makes it a digestible mass market paperback. Having a book of that size in mass market doesn’t work, that’s why you don’t see Lord of the Rings that size, it’s just too big. This is much better than putting out mass market in two volumes with no new story, but at the same time it’s kind of crappy because it entices you to spend money again.

However, I have people come into my store all the time getting mass market books or returning their trade paperbacks so everything can match.

This Evolutions thing is a double edged sword, and it’s not very sharp, meaning every argument from both sides can easily be countered.

got the Volume I
soma the painter is interesting
So what is the new story Wages of Sin talking about ?
Another sweet Forerunner related novel ?

Meh… I will Buy Evolutions Volume 2 Just Cause I Love buying Halo Stuff! xD