Halo Enigma. How much do you know about halo?

Very simple (concept) forum game. You have to guess what I am thinking in order to win the prize. Basically, ask me questions that you would need to know in order to reveal what I am thinking. The prize is not much, but it is substantial > A 48 hour xbox live trial code. In all honesty, I am trying to get rid of it, so I may as well do it in a worthwhile way :slight_smile:
What I am thinking is, obviously, something to do with halo. And, to make it harder, you will only get one word hints!

You currently have - 5 hints left. Use them wisely! (and as a team, dont eat them all up on one page).

Current closest guesser - N/A

Hint 1.

Current answered questions -


Activation of the Ark Portal?

Reach, you knew the ending before it began. :stuck_out_tongue: