Halo Encyclopedia - Fate of the Created

So the Created don’t get their own lore section and it’s very vague on certain things I wanted to know about. But there a lot more confirmed here than I thought we’d get:

  • The Created are not gone. Cortanas death destroyed their central command structure and fragmented the faction. Indeed the epilogue to the Forerunner section is called “The Created Threat”.

  • Cortana was indeed the only one who controlled the Guardians. Not sure if that means standing orders or falling out the sky. As an aside that one we see wrecked is implied to have been destroyed by the Banished when they attack her. Yes, Atriox is that much of a badass that he backhands both factions. :roll_eyes:

  • They had begun uploading Created AI into Promethean Knight shells. Which are called Created Knights. That could be an excuse to redesign them. These are described as independent units whose allegiance and goals are unclear.

  • The Created might still control Balaho. Little vague as it’s says they lost control of nearby local systems. Earth, at least the parts I’ve read are unclear, but the UNSC is said to be still unable to contact Earth. Sanghelios post Created fate isn’t discussed as I think the book will deal with that. Doisac is a mess.

  • Mentioned in another post but Cortana only does the Exterminatus mode on the Guardians as an absolute last resort once all other methods gone. Her demand for Atriox was a final ultimatum to “end the bloodshed” after he took over the planet. This is why Earth and Sanghelios is not in pieces.

  • It’s stated (annoyingly and I call bull) that Cortana wasn’t as powerful as she appeared in Halo 5. She simply thought she could use shock and awe to convince everyone she had already won and control information. So really it’s a relatively small force that she’s just coordinating incredibly well to defeat her opponents in detail. The plan was that eventually Organics would come to see the machines as saviour Shephard’s and they’d be all good after that. It’s the explanation for how the Banished defeated her at Zeta Halo.

  • A little out of step with Halo Infinite. It does mention how she was a rampant AI falling into and consumed by the Domain. Not really about choices and mistakes. Which is why she’s bad. So Weapon has nothing to worry about. Just don’t do time travel, use portals and don’t connect to the Domain. :eyes:

  • It’s clarified that Cortana did, for some reason :roll_eyes:, upload the entirety of herself into the Silent Auditorium and this is why that detonation destroyed her. No clarification on the Domain itself but it seems none of them had anywhere near the same level of control over it as she did. It’s also clarified that she was the one who also initiated an emergency Slipspace Jump to take it to an unknown location to slow the Bansihed.


I got an encyclopedia on physics to pick through an I may get a copy of the Halo encyclopedia in the future. Is it similar to the Mass Effect encyclopedia?.. Does the encyclopedia summarize alot of events from the various novels or Machinima that has come out ovwr the past few years.

Well it’s an absolute monster. Nearly 500 pages.

It’s sorted by faction and each one has a brief synopsis of the story. So for example the Banished describes everything from Atriox rise to Zeta. But then in the later stuff it’s about worlds, ships and weapons which may expand on that. So the Doisac section gives you a lot more context on what’s described.

It references the novels. For example Onyx has a section and some of the Spartan 3 characters are in. Pretty much all the Spartans get bios from when I skimmed through. Will have to give proper look some time.

They cover pretty much everything. Only complaint is shoehorning the Created stuff into the Forerunner section like an ugly step child.

I was actually kind of surprised since some of these things have not been revealed in the game yet and I assumed them to be mysteries. The Endless one is an absolute bombshell.

I think the one thing they should have done is a map of the Orion arm or at least the UNSC. We do get a list of human worlds and their current status but, map would have been better.

Are there pictures of every S-II?

So just confirming what I thought. Created are a joke that some punk pirate faction downed a Guardian where the infinity been on a nonstop run for 2 years with little effort.

And Cortana really was a idiot for not staying connected to the Domain.

Not all of them. Basically ones that feature in the story.

Thank you Total_War for resume us this encyclopedie

Do you know if Atriox was on Doisac and fought himself the Created ? As the Guardians cut the power of every ship and weapon on a planet, I don’t understand how any army would be able to resist or escape them.

For the Guardian on Halo Zeta, I have a theory : in the book “Halo Legacy of Onyx”, we can see the Guardian in standymode when he temporally lose his conneciton with the Domain, making him vulnerable. Maybe when Cortana was killed, the Guardian became vulnerable and the Banished destroy it

As for the Created, I’m sure a lot of AI will try to find the Domain, maybe even fight themself. However, I don’t think we will see it in any game, only in book

It doesn’t really detail the battle.

But it’s framed as if Atriox discovers about the Endless on the Ark. Comes back to galaxy. Cortana confronts him and there’s a huge war on Doisac that leads to planets destruction. He gets real mad at his thousand year Reich going boom. Then goes to Zeta. The UNSC arrive with the Banished fleet in orbit and their army already ring side. It’s mentioned he engages her army but not how he dealt with a Guardian. Basically the Infinity dropped into a Warzone.

Which as you say makes no sense. It’s implied in Infinite that locking down Cortana is why her forces were disabled. But, that could only happen when UNSC arrive with Weapon and Atriox has no idea about that. Like it’s framed as if they just stumble into eachother.

So maybe he used Engineers to disable Guardians like in the book. Maybe that mysterious Forerunner device has something to do with it. Maybe he just had a Dreadnought ram the Guardian before it fired.

I don’t know. Maybe he was losing until the Weapon locked Cortana down but that feels at odds with how it’s presented.


These are amazing.
Is there any part about the forerunner AI in the book? I guess the part involving AI should be important in Infinite.
I think this book is worth paying high international freight.

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Well… Yes… On account of being space dust.

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I assume with the ai inside the “created knights”. They would be major characters or hvt side bosses like what we have in infinite.
I also assume that just like jul’s covenant, warden’s faction of the created will be the strongest and the primary threat. I don’t know if i like or hate that the guardians are potentially gone, in a way it de-threats the created but it makes them better also, they can start using fleets of normal ships instead of just giant owl robots.
Even if the created are not gone I fear that 343 will end them in a book like they did with the didact, but I hope they show up later and become the major threat once again.

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Yeah that seems very likely. Maybe each expansion will have its own HVT dossier for the map.

I am curious about if they use that as an excuse to redesign them. A Knights appearance partly reflects that they’re instruments of suffering by the Didact.

But if it’s meant to be these AI with delusions of serving a machine God they’re probably going to look a little different maybe. Probably lean more into an angelic look like the Guardians instead.

If you’ve played Endless Space 2 there’s a species in that called the Vodyani which are these digitised people in armour. Something like that seems like it would fit. Plus there’s concept art for Infinite of Cortana wearing Forerunner armour that’s along those lines.

Does it say anything about the warden eternal?
He seemed to have alot of sway over the promethian constructs and even co-ordinated most of the attacks.
Surely hes still out there, and without cortana to stop him like before, he could be a more real threat.

Hate that they ret-conned cortanas power from “I can destroy planets as a threat” to “all bark and no bite” though


Yeah I know, I was thinking before game came out “I really hope they don’t have the UNSC humiliate her”. So 343 went and did something worse and had her humiliated by Ghazghull instead. Especially because with how they played Escharum I have a feeling they aren’t going to go down the vengeance route with Atriox. It’s knocking one character down to set another up and it really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The Warden gets a very short bio which only covers his Halo 5 story.

It is mentioned that Cortanas death caused a massive disruption to the Created Command Structure and that there is no clear leader at present. You could also imply that the Created Knights are immune to this damage because they are autonomous units. The Warden isn’t because he seems to be directly connected to the Domain which only Cortana truly controlled. So this seems to set up that he’s out of the picture.

I could be wrong. Maybe the Wardens consciousness is locked within a single shell now and he’s out for blood.

As a character I think he would fit. His whole thing was protecting Cortana and he’s absolutely failed to do that. You could easily see him trying to restore Cortana if he could. There’s a clear parallel with the Chief and he would join that line of people that want Chief dead. But, he’s a Forerunner AI and with Cortana gone I feel like a Created Remnant faction should be led by a Human AI; to distinguish it from the other Forerunner AI we currently have.