Halo Elites Feedback/Suggestions

This is meant as a thread for 343 to look at and consider but I’d also love to hear what the rest of you think on these suggestions. I’d also like to hear any of your feedback/suggestions on this subject as well!

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I also have other topics on the rest of the enemies but altogether it was too big so I’ve separated them into their own topics to keep in line with the letter limit. You can find the others by typing in search ‘Halo 5 (name of alien in this parenthesis) Feedback/Suggestions’

First off, I really like the improvements 343 has made to the enemies in Halo 5. I’m going to mention Halo Reach a lot in these various threads but this is because this is when most of the Covenant was at their prime gameplay wise. Granted, this game only had Covenant enemies and no Flood or Forerunner/Prometheans so it makes sense this would be the case.
I know the team is plagued by time/game restraints but if most of these features could be added upon each other over time then that would be amazing! (because I gotta face that not all of these are gonna be added all at once in one game)

Overall this is a solid enemy and a good soldier alien that is not much unlike yourself. However, I have a couple gripes about their current condition that at the moment make them feel like just your average space soldier.

  • One of the biggest problems I currently have with the elites is how much their sword wielders are complete cowards as of Halo 4 and following into Halo 5. They need a complete re-work to bring them to the scariness level that the Halo Reach sword wielders were. Whenever I saw an energy-sword wielding Elite in Halo Reach I got the emotion of (Oh ‘yoink’ run!!!). Sadly I have to say that the current energy-sword wielders don’t instill that same fear that its predecessors did. Also, they could probably use some invisibility at times. Whether or not this turns the sword invisible would be totally up to you guys of course. Maybe their could be some sort of in-between? Where it will appear vaguely for a couple moments then disappear again.
  • This leads me into my next point. It feels as if invisible Elites have all but disappeared in Halo 5. Unless 343 has completely revamped their tech and those Elites just can’t be seen anymore… You know what, that would explain some of my unexplainable deaths during campaign! All jokes aside, this is something that made the Elites a unique and fun enemy to fight. Without the Elite’s former glory of energy swords and cloaking they now feel like a shadow of their former selves and I can’t simply stand by and not say anything about it.
  • Maybe even allow some Elites to pull out a sword or turn invisible when losing their shield! Or both!?
  • Another thing I’d like to see Elites sometimes utilize is combat rolls and evasive maneuvers in ground battles. This is something I’d like to either see in any higher ranking elite than a blue one or on higher difficulties like Heroic/Legendary. I believe if needed, energy sword elites should even use these tactics as they need effective ways to close the gap.
  • I also believe some Elites should be willing enough to use Human vehicles. They obviously have the ability. Just look at Halo 3 when they were your allies!
    What are your thoughts?

Hey OP, we have a long running discussion thread available for playable elites. Feel free to add your thoughts there: