Halo Editing Kit

Halo 3/Halo: Reach

Don’t you think Bungie should let us expand on the Halo experience ourselves by releasing the Halo Editing Kit liek Halo 1?

I don’t want this game to end. :frowning:

From what I’ve seen, and my understanding is probably flawed, Bungie no longer has control of the Halo franchise. But like I said, I’m probably wrong on that. I think 343i is now in charge of everything.

I believe they are aswell… Possibly Halo: Anniversary though?

Bungie Released HEK for Halo 1
Maybe 343i can release it for “Halo 1”

theres so much you can do with it, it would make the Halo experience just so much more vast in my opinion.

Personally, I love forge, for seeing what I can set up for inventive ways to suicide (mostly out of boredom, set up a good one when Reach was having all those problems the other day). Forge extended the playability of many of the maps… You want no AL/Power weapons, remove the options, You want a pistol duel at dawn? Well, set the only weapons available to pistol, and pick a map at sunrise. There is so much you can do with forge, I would like to see it for 1.

As a forger I would be happy with more options. More can be better.

No doubt. The one thing I don’t like about forge is the money limit. If you’re designing your own map from scratch, money runs out fast (even with things being so cheap). The more elaborate the map, the more I like it. I’m tempted to try to make a maze later. No weapons, no armor abilities. Just a massive beatdown… if you can find anyone

If Halo ever made it back to the PC, then yes it could get a editing kit, but as long as it’s on a Xbox console, such a thing will never come true.