Halo Drop Shock Event Week?!?!

Earlier today a link appeared on the front of Waypoint website titled TV Guide, but since that time it has been taken offline. It was a very basic string calender of events that seem to be planned for next week. The things listed included the launch of the castle map pack, getting to CSR 35 in castle team DLC to receive an avatar t-shirt, getting bonus exp for completing certain challenges, Launch of the new Vol. 2 of the Halo 4 soundtrack, a new set of avatar items being released, a special spartan ops day where you can unlock another avatar item by playing, and finally last was a new bulletin describing Halo:Drop Shock Week. My guess is that this info wasn’t suppose to be posted on the front page until Monday next week. So why do you guys think we are getting a special event week at this time of the year and do you think it will have any surprise announcements?

If you look again you will now see metnion of Halo Week!