Halo Drinking Game

Playing Halo with a bunch of my friends tonight and we decided to mix it up and add some alcohol to the mix. This is what I’ve come up with so far, feel free to contribute! I’ve tried to make it less “drink every two seconds” and more consistent. Most drinking games I see have ridiculous rules that would have you drunk in minutes. That’s no fun! You need to still be able to play, just be impaired.

-You get killed: 1 drink / shot
-You use Armor Lock: 1 drink / shot
-You get assassinated: 2 drinks / shots
-You lose a killing spree: 2 drinks / shots
-You betray a teammate: 3 drinks / shots
-You lose a game: 1 drink / shot
-You lose a game AND you’re in the bottom percentile: 2 drinks / shots

This encourages playing well and penalizes you for poor playing while not entirely relying on your teammates for support. The Armor Lock is a joke, so don’t get too buttfrustrated with me.