Halo Discuss Thread

Halo 4 Discussion Thread

Halo 4 is a good game so far but it lacked a lot of the tings we all miss from the previous games and here are some of the things that I found that needed to be addressed or added in the next Halo game.

Lets start off.

The Ranking System - Thus far people have been enjoying the ranking system from Halo 2 and Halo 3, during in-game you were scored based on XP. This was determined on Wins and Losses. Then the Credit System came and replaced the ranking system, which in most had a lot of people pissed off. I can see where people want the REAL ranking system becasue it kept people coming back for more, trying to improve and become an overall better player. That being said, I believe that in the next Halo game , 343i needs to listen to the fanbase. Bring back the ranking system from Halo 2 or Halo 3 and allow people to see their ranks like in Halo 3, during gametype selection. ( Like you could see what rank you were with each gametype ) Possibly adding the effect of being able to see just how far off your next rank up will be by going into the Spartan Hub and right in the right corner it will display how much more you need to rank up again. Having the Credit System is good but shouldn’t replace everything. It can be a good thing to have to unlock/buy certain items from the Armory while having to do certain things to unlock Armor, like doing acheivements like in Halo 3 or finding Skulls during Campaign. Having both the Credit System and XP Ranking System, I believe will continue to bring people back to play for more. Just bring it back or add both.

Gametypes - There were a lot of gametypes in Halo Reach that definitely kept me coming back, even doing so in Forge was amazing. Halo 4 lacks a lot of the gametypes Reach had. Why 343i took out those I don’t know but seriously they need to bring them all back from Halo 3, Halo Reach and keep all the ones they currently have now in Halo 4, along with the fact that every gametype needs to have their own customizable settings. Gametypes that were removed are as listed and I will discuss why they need to return.

  • Assault - Everyone loved planting the bomb and seeing flashly fireworks after the bomb went off. having 1 Bomb, Neutral Bomb and 2 Bomb just made the gametype even better. I enjoyed playing that so much on Reach, along with being able to use it in Invasion. Bring it back, everyone misses it!

  • Stockpile - I enjoyed the fast paced CTF. Three flags and a lot of killing and nades flying. Though this gametype was great for ground bases objectives, being able to grab the flags while in vehicles was pretty cool too. It had so much potenial and I think there are people who want it back as well as myself.

  • Headhunter - It was fast paced and was very enjoyable, even during the FFA and Team based games, seeing 6v6 people going at it, killing each other and seeing those little skulls flying in the air, while everyone jumping for them, it was just very intertaining! I think it needs a return since I believe people liked it.

  • Infection/Flood - This was one everyone got highly upset about and I believe it needs a huge overhaul. The Flood loadouts weren’t editable and that the Alpha Zombie lasted one life which should have more. Also being able to toggle the skin would be good as well since there are casual player who made good gametypes with this mode. Bring back the option for player’s chosen color scheme instead of restricting us to lime-green color for the humans. Bring back percentage options for “number of Flood”. Fix the bug where weapons placed on the map in Forge do not show up in Flood Customs. Currently the only way to get custom weapons on the map is through Oddinance Drops. This is the same bug as the genral weapon bug. Fix bug where Last Man Standing waypoint cannot be turned off even if it is disabled in the options. Give the “Number of Flood” a full range of numbers (1-15). Bring back Havens. Kevin Franklin actually said this existed, and it does not which is sad.

  • Invasion - This in Reach, I felt had one of the most Forgable ideas, compiled together into one gametype. I loved it whenever I could create a map based around assault and territories but with that gone I can’t even make a Destructable Door anymore which really sucks because the Assault part made it look like you actually took the door out with a bomb. With Extraction in Halo 4, you are highly limited on what you can actually do and honestly it is annoying. So honestly my idea on this is that they need to add the Extraction ability into Invasion. Adding Extraction into the list of options on Invaion could make things better. So having, Assault, Territories, CTF and Extraction would make a game play even cooler! Keep what they have for Extraction but take those settings and place them along with the other settings in Invasion.
    With those said, I think we need to bring them back and I am sure some will agree with me on this.

Weapons - There are alot of new weapons in the game that definitely caught my attention but with certain weapons removed I kinda felt like the game slightly lacked. Weapons I know of that are gone and have not made a return are the following.

*Needle Rifle

*Brute Shot

*Spike Grenades

*Incendiary Grenade



*Missle Pods

*(even if replaced) Plasma Rifle

*Sentinel Beam



These should definitely make some appearance in a future game hopefully because
with these we can have a much fuller inventory of weapons to choose from rather
from what we have and honestly for once I would like to see the Target Locator in Matchmaking. Even if we get these, 343i should take the time to balance them out,
kinda like how Trey Arch is doing with CoD Black Ops II. They are getting feedback on the weapons and adjusting them to make them more balanced, rather than having some overpowered ones. So I say 343i, bring back these weapons for us.

Armor - I like how they added newer armor but honestly in Halo 4 seeing the same armor with different skins is kinda lame. I think they should have brought back EVERY armor piece we had from Halo 3 through Halo Reach, possibly along with keeping what we have right now, while adding some special ones. I think that some of the armor should only be unlocked through finding skulls and getting achievements while the others can be bought using the Credit System to buy them from the Armory. In Halo 3 I enjoyed it whenever I unlocked some by either doing Achievements or finding the skulls in Campaign, because to me, it showed some accomplishment. The Armor needs to have all of them to return with some new one’s!

Vehicles - In just about every Halo game I have seen some old, amazing vehicles return time and time again but some were removed and made me sad. The one’s that didnt make a return are as followed.
Covenant Vehicles






*Anti Air Wraith


*Scarab (not even in Campaign)


*Phantom Gunboat



UNSC Vehicles


*Troop Transport Warthog














*Booster Frame


*UNSC Prowler

*Sheild Ship


Even though some of these vehicles are similar to each other I believe that some should make a return since in Halo 4 we don’t have that many on the maps. The thing is 343i should put these in the game so that in Forge we would be able to use them while in Matchmaking they could put what they want. I think overall we need more vehicles in the game rather than one new one here and there. Spice it up alittle by giving us something to be excited about!

Forge - Ah yes, the one thing I enjoyed the most out of the whole series. Being able to make your own maps and show them off to friends and possibly even have them posted in Matchmaking. Reach moved Forge SO much after Halo 3 and added so many new additions that made it even better than before. Halo 4 added new things but had alot that was removed or simply not added. Sure Reach’s Forge was alittle to get use to but after mastering it, it was nothing and you could dominate your ideas while style. Halo 4’s Forge lacked but us still good, just not comparable to Reach’s though. Precision Forging made it easier to aline your objects whenever you wanted to get them relatively close and have an even surface whenever you ran over it. Halo 4 doesn’t have that and upsets me. The lack of newer items was an issue but whenever Halo 4 hit and people went into Forge they noticed that we had some newer things.

*Delete Everything

*Name of Object appears whenever cursor is over that certain item.

*Gravity Volumes were added

*Trait Zones were added

*Dynamic Lighting allows items to have shadows which was something everyone liked.


*Duplicate Items

But the thing is a lot of the things Halo Reach’s Forge had. Halo 4’s lacked.

*You can’t zoom in with the monitor

*No Precision when moving Objects

*No Forge World (got three small maps instead)

*Lack of items in Forge (had new items but they were only to their specific maps)

*No Custom Powerup

These here are just a few issues that I have seen and I am sure more are listed somewhere else. Feel free to post them if you like.

Among those ideas I feel that Forge needs MORE ideas thrown into the mix. Weather Effects is one of the things I have seen people ask about. Placing blood splats on the walls and add manakin bodies around like as if a fight broke out. Flickering lights would be an interesting addition. Again post your ideas on this and tell me what you would like to see in Halo 5!

Though this is 343i first actual Halo game I say they did fairly well and honestly I am looking forward to seeing more work in the future. I just hope they bring back some of the original stuff. All they need to do is play through the previous games, all the way back to Halo CE and see what was best of those games and implement them into the next game. The Ranking System (XP) needs a return and needs to be visable to us. Overall I believe they should start accepting ideas from the fans and go from there.

this doesnt belong here. try the halo 4 forum.

ps. just a little advice there are like millions of these in the halo 4 section

and I really hate to tell you but 343i isn’t really listening either, and if they are then I hope to god that they’re doing something about it all.

Well if its not meant to be here it will be moved, eventually. I hope 343i takes help from the fans like Bungie did because honestly we decide whether a game succeeds or not. I hope they listen and will take in some of these ideas.

> and I really hate to tell you but 343i isn’t really listening either, and if they are then I hope to god that they’re doing something about it all.

they are always listening but they cant tend to everyone’s need. they go with the majority and that right now is whats being implemented.

Don’t forget special standard Hog variants (for Campaign):

-destroyed Hog with functioning turret (seen on The Ark)
-passenger/gunner retaining Hog (seen on Tsavo Highway, AotCR)
-invincible Hog (seen on Outskirts, entirety of CE)