Halo Discord Ban Appeal

hello i would like to ask a question about ban appeals from the halo discord, i am aware this forum is mostly just about the games and discussing issues. however i am wondering how i can tell for sure if my ban appeal was rejected or is still pinging, i was banned from the halo discord 11/2 for a joke in my about me. on the same day i was banned i got a ban appeal link and filled it out, it has been over 2 weeks and i haven’t heard back. i want to know how long ban appeals usually take, as there is no way for me to tell if i was rejected or not.

p.s. if this post is violating rules i will delete it, I’m not sure if i can post about this here

We’ll probably create another thread here at some point; in the meantime you can answer a few questions;
Discord Name;
Hidden ID: (that’s the long one you have to have dev mode on to get)
Why you were banned:
Why you should be unbanned:
and one of us will look into it when we can.

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