Halo Discord Ban Appeal link

About 20 days ago I posted a ban appeal on these forums. I got banned from the Official Halo Discord and I don’t know when it happened. I’ve seen two posts on here that were posted a day ago saying that there was a link that would be sent to you where you could appeal your ban. I don’t think I was ever sent that link or if it was sent I cannot find it.

Is there anyway I could get the link for a ban appeal?

Thanks for reading


Hello. Generally you should receive a DM from our Ban Appeals bot, if your DMs were closed on the server before you were banned that’s why you won’t have received it. You can log in here with your account and file an appeal: https://aka.ms/HaloDiscordBanAppeals


Thanks for the help!

I was just banned from the halo discord for asking the bot a question. and the ban appeal link is broken. I’ve spent the last like 2 weeks helping everyone fix their game on PC with the disco mods merty and tora.

Hey for some reason I can’t post anything in the halo forum, I thought maybe my account was banned so I came here but it says I’m not. Every time I post it says I can’t send messages since I don’t share a server with the recipient??…

Hey, is there any chance I could get unbanned? I got banned when the server was still a baby and its been sometime. The reason I wish to be unbanned Is I’m trying to find people to play Halo infinite with.

King regards

thx bro, i needed this link because last time they didnt respond to my appeal.