Halo died with Sgt Johnson

Do you remember when the Halo campaign had a more gung-ho feeling to it? We haven’t had that feeling since Halo 3, and that is because the gung-ho personality was within Avery Johnson. His humorous quotes were perfect to add to a “shootem up” feel. The game lost this, which is why we saw Halo start to take itself a little too seriously.

I think having a major character that is the face for marines was necessary, as marines were a big part of previous Halo’s campaign missions. In my opinion, I enjoyed fighting alongside marines much more than other spartans. You don’t feel like a super soldier when every ally is the same. Then you just feel like a futuristic soldier. We haven’t had that many marine interactions since Halo 3, and i think its because they lost their head character and feel insignificant now. This is why Halo feels so different, and ultimately not as enjoyable (for me)

343i nerfed the marines in H5. H:CE marines were the best.

Yeah. That Warthog run after he died sucked. Because he was dead at that point.

Thank you for giving me a place to be a smartass.