Halo Dedicated Youtube Channel!

Hey everyone I was just wondering if any of you had any spare time to help out a fellow halo player.

If you do then thats great! I have a Youtube channel that I have been working on for months with a
wide-assortment of videos and still trying to expand further.

If you would be so kind as to check it out and if you like what you see subscribe, drop me some
comments, or give some thumbs ups & I would greatly appreciate it!

If you don’t have any spare time then thats fine too, and understandable :slight_smile:


Not to be a -Yoink- but it’s against the rules to advertise stuff on here. D:

He’s a very good player though, I would check out his channel.

@spearhead- Sorry to post this then, if it has to be deleted/removed I guess it can be done.

@windamier- Thanks, I really appreciate the positive feedback!

> Not to be a -Yoink!- but it’s against the rules to advertise stuff on here. D:

If the OP posts this in the Community Creations section he might get away with it.

OT: nice channel I’ll probably sub. I like those sort of videos.

Thank I’ll try that if this gets locked, I would hate to post this in another sub-forum and they both be active.

That might make some people angry.

Thanks for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

new videos up :slight_smile:

Sick channel man!! you have some really good videos, consider me subscribed.

p.s. I cant believe you only have 64 subscribers…


66 now…moving on up!!

Have to start somewhere :wink:

Ill do whatever I can to help promote it…people really should see this :slight_smile:

oh and nice… 72 subs now :wink:

I think you are doing quite a good job now just keeping this thread afloat.

If people who already subbed would start telling their friends, that would be the best way to get subscribers.

I’ll tell mine, but I don’t have very many…

I’ve been putting up videos like crazy, hoping that it helps.

Hey man just started my channel a few days ago :slight_smile:

Just subbed yours. Love the content, I’ll watch more tomorrow! Sub back and we’ll help grow together.

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sweet, thanks man, i subbed as well!

Hey man i subscribed…you should sub me man…youtube is Munrosky

I have a lot of cool Reach videos. I like how you posted a halo 3 vid…i actually did the same after i went back and found some cool clips…since I didnt have capture capabilities back then its nice to finally showcase it.

props bro…keep up the good work

thanks alot, i subbed to you as well!