Halo: Death's Testament

Hello I have recently decided to make a prequel fan-made novel for Noble Six. I am hoping 343 Industries could read this so they perhaps could publish it… if it is good enough? But that just wishful thinking. :smiley:


  • Prologue: Sacrifice
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Prologue: Sacrifice
Reach, 2589
Eulogy of Noble Six

A great day for remembrance…

The sun shone over Reach, with a new hope; it had lost it’s ferment, long before the Fall of Reach… yet it seemed youthful and charismatic, today. The remnants of any battle scars had all been healed, and the land had been re-terraformed… it was like Reach had never been part of the past wars, a new day, a new peace… perhaps?

The scenery was vast and space-faring vessels littered the atmosphere, both of Covenant and Human designs. It seemed as if the god of this world was an ignorant child, who liked to create mishappened clouds that couldn’t be classified as anything… but it was a daring sight to behold… this was a gathering and it was met with a grand audience… Halsey desired they would be gentle when she spoke… but then she chuckled, a small laugh, at the thought about being nervous about a public speech… she remembered last time she was on Reach… the last time anyone was on Reach… she was running for her life, with Jun-A266… it was a welcome feeling not to be looking over your shoulder, every moment you could spare. Now she was waiting, just for the peaceful recognition that her job may finally be done, and she can finally rest… perhaps that was the old age talking, but she was weary… yet she saw UNSC Pelicans, Covenant Spirits and Phantoms flying in from the ships. It was such an assortment of aircraft bringing the guests to the Eulogy, it was a great time to be alive…

The war veterans had finally landed and begun to take to their seats, they address each other in a formal manner both with attire and greetings… it was a good sign Halsey thought. She even went as far to think perhaps my Spartans have finally for filled the initial goal that was intended… peace among the colonies. But that was so long ago, she was 97 now, a frail old lamb that was all but spent, she possessed a walker of sorts, repurposed by the ONI engineers for ease of comfort… yet she still struggled. As she approached the podium she saw familiar faces from her past, some she recognized as enemies and some were friends… but that was long ago… Now they all agreed on an entitled living, trading between colonies, offering aid when needed… it was a good time… it was a peaceful time… it was a good retirement. As she began to speak, she smacked her lips together, almost as if warming up before exercise, she let out a shallow bellow that was a little croaky but cleared it up with a genuine cough.

“Hello, we all know why we are here. To honor the fallen heroes that ennobled us all. But more specifically the Spartan who stood against the fire and sacrificed himself, for Reach, for Humanity… for John. I witnessed his courage and fortitude first-hand; in the face of fear and destruction. I knew what he faced, and he knew what was required from him. The growing masses ensued around him, yet he remained unaltered… a resolute beacon to all… an inspiration for his comrades.
Yet… It didn’t take long for Reach to fall: our enemy was ruthless. Efficient. But they weren’t nearly fast enough. For you had already passed the torch. And because of you, we found Halo, unlocked its secrets, shattered our enemy’s resolve. Our victory — your victory — was so close, I wish you could have lived to see it. But you belong to Reach. Your body, your armor — all burned and turned to glass. Everything… except your courage. That, you gave to us. And with it, we can rebuild.
We honor and respect your sacrifice… Honora Sacrifícium Dictat, Memento Mori.”

An additional folder was held by Catherine Halsey besides her walker and palm notes… she began to speak again.

“Also, the honoree Spartan-III, had not known the privilege of his family name, or where he came from… and so to honor his death, and courage, I shall read his redacted and classified ONI file. You shall witness this commemorative event… and we shall embark on it together…”

I will do this after each chapter…

  • Reach’s current status and environment.
  • Halsey reminiscences about her past.
  • Eulogy of Noble Six commences.
  • ONI file is being read