Halo Customization Lies, January 5th 2022


Dev press on cosmetics and how they wanna be careful marketing events and want event cosmetics separate from the shop entirely. That way people can still earn by playing, some cool stuff.

And yet, here we are. Pink step animations, pink dying animations, multiple colors for armor and visors locked behind paywalls-
Literally half the price of the campaign, if not more, if you wanted the entire collection of tenrai pieces. What the F


Correction, you mean 343 lied. Seems to be the thing to do to sell games like this nowadays.

You know, because it’s way better than creating a quality type of game for the player base.


Are 343 not the devs? I thought they were the dev team and microsoft game studios was the publisher. Could have that mixed up, do correct me. Unless you mean the title of this thread lol, I should’ve specified infinite.

No 343 are not the devs. Devs doesn’t decide. Decisions has been made by other People. 343 has devs but there are way more People. Manager, consultants, Designer, tester,…


343i are the developers, MGS is the publisher. MGS would handle the marketing, it would be up to 343i to design the shop system no?

They can earn “cool stuff” by playing the game.

That doesn’t mean they lied by putting more stuff in the store that’ll work with that core.

And 2 sets of shoulder pads, 2 helmets with various attachments, knee pads, 2 hip attachments, a 2 visor colors (counting the weekly challenge), a few coatings, a chest piece, and several emblems, all for free by playing the game without any more filler.

Did you just choose to ignore those though?

No lies were told in this regard.


After being told there wouldn’t be shop content for event pass content. Just made a thread on it. Peep it. Oh wait. It’s this one.


All of the above which cannot be purchased in the store, which coincides with the statement.

The statement was vague, you’re trying to make it specific.


So you’re defending it? You think paying money for pink trails is an ethical business model?


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Redacted ladies and gentlemen!

redacted why don’t you just kick rocks bro? Good lord. 343 lied but yet here you are defending them. Where’s my " millions of customisation options day one " and all that cool stuff I get for " playing the game, and only playing the game! "
redacted ladies and gents! Biggest defender of unfinished games I’ve ever seen!


No I’m refuting your argument, and I’d appreciate it if you refrained from trying to turn me into a villain because you disagree with my words.

It’s far more ethical than locking maps, weapons, game modes, and other core gameplay elements and having players purchase those piece by piece.


I’d rather purchase a battle pass that (that actually had a good amount of stuff), contained 4 extra maps for $20 than a pink snail trail for $11. I mean we only have what, 6 maps right now? They’re already selling 4 different variations of red.
At this point I wish they WERE nickel and diming gameplay content, that way I wouldn’t have to just quickplay the same arenas and modes I have been since BTB doesn’t work. Maybe then I could unlock pink trails by playing.


That’s fine, but this isn’t about your preferences, this is about how you’re misunderstanding of the what the dev said.

Nowhere did he say that during events, items wouldn’t be available for purchase that could be used with your event earnings, merely that items would be earnable during the event aren’t available for purchase.


is your friend just insta liking your replies

This thread was made to highlight the garbage that I believe is the customization system.


Not a friend actually. I just agree with that they are saying and watching from the sidelines, because its entertaining to see them bring up facts, reason and logic to prove what is right and what isn’t.

This is pure entertainment for me to see him wordsmith like this.

Isn’t that what the likes are for? Agreement? Is someone upset?



They really never had to make the armors they added as free, free. The ad video literally says FREE CORE and PREMIUM COSMETICS. They just bent over a bit and gave us more content to soothe the outrage, but 343 isn’t going to go a billion dollars in debt and spoon feed everyone free content for 10 years, never trying to make a profit. It’s a live service.


I really do not understand why live service = base game can’t be as good as it can be.


Well your specific points accuse 343 of lying when they didn’t, so why don’t you respond to my points where we left off:


Uh. Trend0 is a forum user, like you, giving his takes. It’s not a defense to make a clarification.

Can you not be toxic? Thank you.


“Players are very clear what’s in the store, and what’s free”

Video proceeds to show the ad, not determining what’s shop and not.