Halo Custom Edition: Sierra 117 project

for what seems like a long time the pc community has waited for a later halo game to come along. well a few of use got tired of waiting and began work on a project that dealt with the porting and recreation of the first campaign mission of halo 3. we are a small 3 person team with each of us having a specific task (in my case creating the shaders for bipeds/ weapons/ vehicles etc.)

here is the only public footage shown so far.

currently the project has no plans to expand past the first level but for fun i decided to work on a small section of the ark to be used for lighting and shader tests.

That’s really nice work!! I thinks we could be proud of you to make that even if we can’t play on it(although I and some of us are played H3 on Xbox).
Good Luck with the rest.

Finally, I dont want to promote anyone but I find that project (by another team) in the related videos and I think that’s also a good job.

I often download mods (Black Mesa, Monster Hunt etc.)so i thought I knew the limit for modders but I guess not. Holy crap that’s amazing.

That looked very cool, wish there was more.

never know they use to not like modders etc but most of the gametypes i have seen on halo 4 are modded that everyone liked so they stuck in Action Sack.

This is pretty cool! Good luck to you on the rest of this, it looks pretty nice so far!