Halo Cross-over game ideas

Just some fun ideas for some cross-over games halo can take part in. Note for the genres if I go “FPS, RTS” I do not mean it will be a FPS game that is also a RTS. I’m just listing the different genres it could be or if you believe it could work being both a RTS and a FPS do voice it.

Game: Killzone - Halo game
Genre: FPS, RTS
Notes: I know it is unlikely but it is fun to imaging and if it does happen (although still highly unlikely) it will give playstation the door to Halo games and Xbox the door to Killzone games.

Game: Gears of War - Halo game
Genre: RTS, maybe FPS/ third person
Notes: Two of the biggest xbox titles enough said?

Game: Star Trek - Halo game
Genre: FPS, RPG
Notes: Alternative universes collide or something to allow us explore the halo or star trek galaxy as characters from each respective title.

Game: Alien (Xenomorph) - Halo game
Genre: FPS, Survival Horror
Notes: Come on Halo got some of its inspiration from the Alien. Plus it could bring halo into the horror genre.

If you have any ideas for a cross over game voice them here, if you have any comments on my ideas please do leave kind and respectable ones.

Halo-Warhammer 40K.
Like Ground Command, except in Games Workshop scale. Meaning that, yes, if you’re willing to shell out a wallet-busting amount of money, Forge World can and WILL make a to-scale Pelican you can load all your minatures into.

Halo - Civilization
Continuing the unlikely theme, I would love to see a turn-based Halo game and a good civ game set in space. It would be built of the core 4X Grand Strategy genre of Civ but with some new features to suit for space, as well as halo.


Halo-kameo-Action adventure/flood horror game

Halo-Mech Assault-with star fox sections.

star wars and metroid. they don’t seem like they’d ever have a chance of meeting but it’d be fun to play.
and you know what, how about cod just because they so happily made us a prequel game

Game: Total War - Halo game
Genre: RTS
Notes: Step up the halo RTS games, imaging a map of the galaxy and you can play as all of the key halo factions as well as several insurrectionist and covenant rebel groups.

Halo + Star Wars Battlefront.

Think about it: You’d get to immerse yourself in some of the biggest battles of the Halo series (that includes Harvest, Reach, Earth, Requiem, etc.) and learn about battles and factions we’ve only seen/heard glimpses of. For the campaign I thought it’d be nice to do something similar with what BF2 did with the 501st legion and have a group of Marines/Covenant (preferably Covenant, we haven’t seen many battles from their perspective. Could also probably do an in-universe tie-in with the 405th, just like Lucas did with the 501st themselves) and have them go from different enemies, from Rebels to the actual war to the Prometheans and so on.