Halo Credits not registering (FIX FOUND)

I bought a bunch of credits earlier today on the Microsoft Store and they are not showing up in my Halo Infinite shop tab. Is anyone else having the same issue, or is there a known fix?

btw I am on Steam

Just restart the game. It’ll register then.

i am also playing it on steam and also ran into that problem. I pressed on it again without purchasing it a second time and it then i got my credits.

had this happen on Xbox. Hopefully there is a fix for this and we get our credits that we bought.

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Same here i just bought some and they are not showing up. This needs fixing asap.

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Same here i just bought some and they are not showing up.

Same here, they closed out my support ticket saying contact xbox support. :confused:

I have the same issue. I’m playing it through steam and I couldn’t buy any credits directly via in-game store. So I went through the Microsoft store page on PC and purchased credits there. Now I have restarted my game multiple times on steam. My Xbox account is linked so I don’t know of another way of getting my credits. I don’t know what’s up and its frustrating!

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Uh oh… this does need to be addressed.

Tbf, revenue issued line this usually go to the top of a priority list for fixes. IRS a huge legal liability if it isn’t corrected ASAP

At least ya’ll can buy credits
Everytime I try to add a payment method to my xbox it will only try add a US location
I am in Australia and My console is set up for the australian region
So I can’t add a payment method apparently

Happening to me too, even bought it directly from the website, they charged me and it’s not showing up in-game. Can’t refund it either.

Same problem here. I have the game on Steam and it’s linked to my Xbox account and I brought credits on the Xbox online store and the credits haven’t appeared any except in the order history on my Microsoft account.

Having the same issue. Contacted Microsoft and they refered me to 343. Put in a trouble ticket. Hope this gets resolved ASAP.

I found a fix. Boot up the windows store version of the game if you’re on pc.


Im in the same boat.

definitely trying this out. it looks promising. unfortunately, I had to re-install it so that’s what I’m doing now

Do your halo credits show up on your Hali Waypoint profile? For me, even on the website it says I have 0 credits. Regardless, I am going to try installing the windows store version. I will report back with the results

Confirmed! I installed the game from the Windows Store and my credits showed up right away. Now they even show up on my Waypoint profile, even though they didn’t before. So I guess just play the Windows version until they find a fix for Steam?

You can still play on Steam. After booting up the windows version and received the credits they’ll carry over to the Steam version if you’re signed in with the same account on both versions.