Halo Creators Club.

Would any of you like something like this:

Halo Creators Club (similar to XNA creators club and The Rockband Network)

Subscription service for map creators
Make .map files for Halo games.

Membership cost $50 a year. (this is only for the map makers)

PC based tool lets you create detailed .map files for Halo Reach and sell them for either
$0.50, $1.00, or $2.00. The $2.00 option would require 2 or more maps with a memory cap of 150mb.

Microsoft would earn 30% of profits from each sale just like with indie games.

Peer review would check for things like re-makes and obviously inappropriate content in the maps.

Option to try a trail of the map, will last 48 hours or 7 games after that time it will ask you to buy the map, if you do not buy the map you will no longer be able to play it.

This option could be used on all current Halo games and is pretty much guaranteed to make a profit for Microsoft.

To get these maps there will be a HUB on Halo Waypoint or a a different HUB to download and see screen shots of these maps.

In new Halo games use similar system to Halo 2 Vista to download maps if some party members do not have the map.

[random thought] Every 3 or so months 1 to 5 of these maps could be chosen to be featured in MatchMaking for FREE for that month.