Halo console and LE?

I’m sure this has been asked a million times, and I might even be flamed for this. But, I’ve finally caved and am going to possibly buy the LE. I am mainly getting this because I need a new xbox, might as well buy the Halo 4 version right?

My question is: Can you buy the Halo 4 console and get the LE in a bundle?

I honestly hope they do so I can get the best of both worlds in that regard. Limited edition is fine, but I also do like the Legendary a little bit more.

Nope, you have to buy each one separately, but to lessen the blow on your economy you can always sell the standard edition included in the console bundle.
then again, I myself would never spend 400$ on a dated 360 console when we no doubt gets the next gen systems next year at a similar pricing, you could even get a Wii U at that cost and enjoy even better hardware then a 360. To me, a 400$ limited 360 is just a good way to milk some extra money from loyal fans :frowning: