Halo: Compositions Evolved

Surely in a forum discussing the campaign of the Halo series, there must be a music thread. This is a necessity!
For a decade now, the music in this series has been consistently phenomenal. Love the game or hate it, nobody denies that these games have some of the best music ever written in a game.

I would go so far as to credit Halo for the expansion of the Art itself. Thanks to Marty’s lead (The Audio Lead Director for the original Halo games, accompanied by Michael), many more people are beginning to understand that a piece does not need to come from Itunes or something to be classified as a real song. People are beginning to realize that true art can come from a video game. It isn’t just about graphics. It’s about the music too.

I purchased the Legendary edition of Halo: Reach. At the beginning of the level ‘New Alexandria’ the group of Bungie commentators watched the cutscene of Noble 6 in the Pelican coming into the city. They were talking about how essential the music is! The cutscene had no words. It had no action. It was simply rain, smooth movements, and a rather dismal tone. Then we were told that Marty was told… his music would make or break this cutscene. It proved true. Without his music, the cutscene would have been dull and monotonous almost. He brought it to life and provided it with the tone and atmosphere needed to not only keep the player interested, but keep the player anticipating what will come next.

Halo has not only broken into the world as a whole as a piece of art, but in themselves the games would not have been nearly up to par without it. My personal favorite compositions are present in Halo 3: ODST. Marty took a brand new turn in that game and tried something fresh. The music there said, “OK, here is something new, and nothing like the Halo you’ve come to expect, but in about two measures you’ll be getting this massive ‘oh this is Halo’ feeling.” And so many players did. Halo Wars did alright with the music though it lacked Marty in full.

I have hope for 343’s composer that he will maintain the exceptionally high standards I have come to expect from this series. If I could offer two pieces of advice to this person, these would be it:

A. Release an OST both on Itunes and Disk Form when a project of any kind is released.
B. The Saxophone and Piano sections often define Halo in peoples’ heads. Concentrate on those two instruments and make each one’s section unique and you cannot fail.

I encourage you all to discuss the music in the games, whether on topics I have brought up or your own. Thank you.

That piece that played as Six sat in the Pelican, flying through the moody setting of New Alexandria, was absolutely beautiful. I remember watching that scene and it was the first time in the Campaign where I felt the desperation of the invasion. It evoked a feeling I’d never felt before during play, largely with thanks to the score. A feeling that stuck with me up until the beginning of the next level. It was all just so tragic, and depressing, and I loved it.

I also loved ODSTs music, especially the noir-like pieces as you explored New Mombassa. That sax is gorgeous. Really nice pieces in that game.

The music in Halo is legendary, without a doubt, and I hope that 343i can do Marty proud with their upcoming projects. The music is a fundamental part of Halo because it’s so unique and special, and to mess that up would be a massive blow.

ODST had by far the best music, I agree, even though CE, 3 and even Reach had some pretty good music too (new alexandria). ODSTs music was so beautiful, so full of enviroments and feelings, it almost made me cry, it touched my heart like few other ever have.
I still go back to New Mombasa from time to time, turn off the night vision and just enjoy the music and the environments, it’s so quite and peaceful, it’s like heaven but still like hell (a bit like I am legend, last human alive)

I loved ODST’s soundtrack because it was so different, and it had such an effect on the atmosphere of the game. But I gotta say, I think my favorite is Halo 2, mainly because it just had so much emotion to it and great themes that would later be remade for Halo 3.