Halo Competition

Hi guys,

I’m fairly new to the Halo scene but just wondered if a post here would answer a couple of questions that Google can’t.

I’m looking mainly at Halo Wars but also at Reach to a certain extent. I’m not a pro player, I’m a learning player that can hold my own online. What I would like to know is where any leagues or ladders are for these games? I know Reach has a big following on GB but is that the only place people are competing?

I’m a UK player so also any mainly UK or EU leagues would suit with a view to keeping the best connection.

I guess what I’m asking is this -

Are there ANY Halo Wars leagues/ladders/tournaments left out there?

And, is there a place where lots of UK players compete on Reach?

Many Thanks,


I cant really speak for reach, as I am not super involved in it.

Halo Wars is a dying game. The population is about 10% of what it was a year ago. This forum might be a good place to find news about leagues and such.

Also there is another website where all the ‘pro’ players talk and hangout, but its not that fun. If they have leagues, they will be very high level ones and they will probly be selective about who they include, but you could try. Its something like:


Try searching for that in google. You might find better answers on their website.