Halo community talks to much trash

Everyone talks trash, I realize that but people look at people’s stats to much and assume people are good or bad off of them. For example I have a 4.X kda in arena and I realize that is terrible but when I started playing halo 5 I was terrible compared to halo reach or halo 4. I just haven’t played enough arena but I know I’m better than what my kda says anyway I decided to go into arena and this guy got mad cause one of my rockets aimed for an enemy hog missed and hit him instead. so he started messaging me at the end of the match calling me a noob and telling me to “git gud” saying my KDA is terrible he had a 9.4 kda or something like that so we ended up 1v1 and I beat him 13 to 2 and he left the match. What I’m saying is it’s really annoying when people try to tell me to “git gud” or call me a noob just cause of some stats says I’m not good.

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And this is any different from any other game community?