Halo community playdate

At 11am PT which is 2pm my time Eastern
Some people have jobs to go to, i wouldn’t be so pissed if there wasn’t a reward linked :roll_eyes:

Some people work 2nd shift and don’t get off until 11pm, so I’m going to miss out cause of the piss poor planning, should of been at least a 12hr thing or watchable on twitch so people who cant play can get the rewards

Things like this is why I’m thinking about saying screw halo infinite

I really wouldn’t let this get to you IF it’s the Ice Unicorm skin (I haven’t checked).

Every playdate they’ll ever do will be the same skin, the times that they do the playdates will vary each time.

I remember I got my ice unicorn skin in H5 about 4 years into the game.

The playdates have always been relatively short but quite often, you’ll get it at some point.

Don’t FOMO the Ice Unicorn, it’ll always be back.

I guess, it’s just bs it happens when I’m working, they can’t find a nice middle ground and do it earlier and play later, if they can’t enjoy their own game then how they expect us to enjoy it

Lol -Yoink!-. The chances of matching with them during the play session are so small anyways. I’ve played the last like 6 or 7 play sessions and haven’t matched them

I have been working 12 hour shifts and 16 hour shifts since the pandemic began.
My wallet is happy.
My xbox is sad to not see me as often.

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