So I just got into the whole Vine ordeal and its great, but the one thing I noticed is that there is no Halo presence on there at all. Every once in a while there will be a pretty mediocre video, but I would love to see some classic Halo videos on Vine like we have on YouTube. The 6 second time limit seems like it’d be great for some parody stuff and even quick little highlights. The potential for a Halo takeover is there, we just need some of the creative minds that are out there to give it a shot. I think it’d be great for the community and it could show the rest of the gaming community that Halo fans still know how to get creative and have fun. I also think it’d be cool if 343 were to do a “Vine Spotlight” kind of similar to the screenshot spotlight that they do in the Bulletins, except for maybe just once a week recommend a good Vine for the rest of the community to enjoy

I originally voted “No”. But i read your ideas and i can see this actually working.

Just now getting back on the forums… I still think this would be a great way to build up extra interest in the game. I could see it working kind of the same way that the Top 10 MLG plays used to be displayed on the Waypoint homepage

Eh, it could work but I personally don’t really use Vine and wouldn’t care much for such short clips.