Halo Community Feedback Req Pack

Just wondering if there’s still people out there who have not gotten the HCFP req pack. It’s the one that hands out the librarian emblem.

I don’t believe that I have got that pack yet

Yeah we were supposed to get for doing the surveys after the beta. Over a month and I still a haven’t gotten mine…

There was an announcement somewhere after they went out that if people were missing it to make sure the email they signed up with on the HCFP was the same one tied to their gamertag or something like that.

Yeah they even had a new survey pop up to do it again in case people had used the wrong email. I even tried doing that, my email is the same one for my gamertag though. Just wanted to be sure but I still haven’t gotten it…

I have not received it (or a new survey) either.

I’m pretty sure I had mine at launch. If it wasn’t there at launch it was within days after. (Although I have been part of the survey program since it started as well.)

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> I have not received it (or a new survey) either.

There hasn’t been a survey since the week following launch.

Haven’t got mine yet…

I received mine day one, sucks it hasn’t been issued to you guys.