Halo Combat Training (Black Ops Style)

What would you (the halo community) think of a black ops style ‘combat training’ gameype were you can practice against AIs in a multiplayer setting?

Halo requires a little more work for the bots to realistically simulate another players. In Black Ops it’s just that the bot sees you and tries to shoot. Halo with it’s longer kill times includes tactics such as strafing. Longer kill times also cause the accuracy of the bot to be harder to implement. With fast kill times the difficulties can easily be changed by tweaking the time it takes from the bot to react and determining how much shots they miss.

If the same technology was used in Halo, the bots would either be like complete noobs running towards you with DMR and hitting half of their shots, or dead accurate super strafers predicting all your moves and hitting every shot.

My point is: this is very hard to implement properly in Halo, but I have nothing against it if it’s possible. Multiplayer bots need to be able to simulate players realistically, this is where games usually fail, the bots are either too easy or too hard. Example of what a too hard would be are the Heretic Elites in Firefight, they have incredible reaction time with the sniper and super magnetism on their rockets, I wouldn’t want to fight those in multiplayer.

Oh you mean like a gametype where you and maybe a few buddies are in a firefight against enemy AI?

I think Firefight is a good enough substitute but even if it wasn’t, we have all learned from Vanilla Reach that COD elements “water down” Halo, if you will.

I like playing with bots, even though they never act as intelligent as actual players. Its an easy way to get a feel for the game, or sit back and own bots after a tough game in matchmaking.