Halo Combat on Steam "The Maw" Game Breaking Bug

When playing Single Player or Multiplayer when attempting to play the last campaign mission of Halo CE the screen will just go Black screen and goes to “not responding” in Task Manager, so at this point, the game cannot be progressed.

No changes have been made to any files whatsoever so everything is completely clean.
No other missions are having any kind of problems whatsoever just this mission.
After reading through several posts made about this here, and on Steam, I would have hopped the compantance would have made you think there might be a problem.

Secondly, the constant Multiplayer internet connections bug that keeps happening everytime you first attempt to do a mission, then it kicks you out and you will then have to try again and then you are guaranteed it will work every time.

This needs to be fixed ASAP as this is not acceptable for a product from a AAA developer that has been out without any news highlighting this issue from 1st party sources.
This is a bug on the games side not ours, as everything else is works without any problems.

Hope this issue get’s addressed sooner rather than later.

(This post is for the Devs).

Please make sure and file a bug report about this on the Halo Support site: https://aka.ms/HaloSupport

Be sure to read over the known issues list first before reporting