Halo: Combat Evolved Won't Start on Xbox 360

I recently bought the original XBox version of Halo: Combat Evolved off the Xbox market onto my 360 Console. The game downloaded fine, but whenever I open the game, the screen goes black and a message pops up telling me that the game couldn’t start and that I should try re-downloading it again and visit Xbox Support. I’ve deleted and re downloaded the game six times and contacted xbox support three times to help troubleshoot the problem, but the issue is yet to be resolved. I checked on some forums that this error is usually caused by an unliscenced hard drive, but I use an official MS brand 500 gb internal hard drive for the 360. Xbox support relayed me to this website to discuss this problem further and told that the error is most likely a bug that needs to be patched.

I’m late to the party but I just had a very similar issue. I didn’t get a message, the screen was just black and the whole console froze forcing me to turn it off. I fixed it by first deleting Halo and all my other downloaded games (it was just Minecraft and GTA: SA lol), then deleting the ‘xbox compatibility update (don’t remember the proper name)’ in system-storage-system files (or something), then clearing the cache almost 10 times, then downloading another original xbox from the marketplace (Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory) and starting it up (which downloaded back the compatibility update), and then re-downloaded Halo, which now works.
Hope this helps you or someone out there.

It’s nice to see community members being helpful, but please don’t revive 3 year old topics. Thanks :slight_smile: