Halo Combat Evolved Campaign No Audio

For some reason my audio for Halo Combat evolved on MCC Xbox is not working. Can someone please help cause this problem has never happened to me.

I’ve been having the same issue since the last update. I’m playing on the original Xbox One and have never played the PC / steam version.

Hey guys, do the below that I came up with. It’s fixed it right up for me and others. I posted this in the Halo 2 MCC No Sound forum which has over 100 replies. If this also works for you, maybe the moderators can post it separately at the top of the MCC Support forums so people can see it as a workaround quicker. My audio has worked perfectly everywhere since doing this. Here it is, and you don’t have to own the PC version as well:


Hey folks, I 100% can confirm I had the same audio issues start this week. But, I solved it, no PC version needing to also be bought!! A previous poster mentioned about deleting saves, and it works entirely for me now, all games, and not just once! Do this:

Again, I ONLY have the XBox One version.

  1. If Halo 1 and 2 audio wasn’t working for you after pausing, like myself, I deleted all saved data while online still, even the 4 GB reserved data. I should mention you’ll want to have closed the game beforehand.
  2. Went offline in settings. Then execute a full restart of the console.
  3. Once rebooted, the system is still offline. Boot up MCC and the game will say it cannot find save data. This is okay. I booted up both Halo 1 or 2 to test at this point. All audio, cutscenes and all, SHOULD be back now and remain even if you pause and come back.
  4. Now, while still in game, go back to your settings on console and go back online and let it connect. Going back to the game, audio was still working. I saved and quit. The one thing I did notice though is whichever game you choose to boot this from, mission progress only syncs up on that game and shows how many you’ve completed on that game only.
  5. All I did at this point was go through each game on MCC and tabbed through the missions on each game. After that, the mission progress for each game came right back for me (number of completed missions). I did the same thing for the cross game play list and that progress all came back, too.
  6. Now, close the game. Then, boot it back up. At this point, the Xbox will ask you when you load up if you’d like to sync from cloud save or save on this Xbox. Choose this Xbox. I chose the cloud version first and the audio stopped working. Choosing this Xbox save data is critical!

Since doing all of the above my audio is back 100% of the time on all titles. Campaign, multiplayer, you name it! I’ve reloaded and paused many times to assure this worked before posting. The only things I had to set back up is my control scheme for the games and turn subtitles back on, that was it.

The legacy titles team should still release an update that will fix this permanently, so we don’t have to do the above. However, I’m very happy to report that this works for me now, all the time (no Windows version needed!).

Happy gaming, everyone!

idk about xbox but on pc ce audio is about half the volume of the other games and it is really annoying because if you turn your volume up and end up in a game of any of the other games you get your ears blasted