Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

You’ve seen Reach. You know the pro’s and cons. Learn from Bungie’s mistakes and make the best damn Halo games on the 360. God Speed 343!

I seriously felt like 6 when i saw Halo:4.

What I’ve heard scares the hell out of me. Not in a good way.

I have a bad feeling this gonna flop.

The Trailer Looked immesnse! What are you talking about? 8 of the best remade maps?

It’s already on Youtube. Note how they didn’t show the crosshair?

Please god, no bloom

please no bloom

I’m worried, the Multiplayer shots looked too much like Reach with the Assassinations. But the needler looks like Halo:CE. I hope it plays nothing like Reach.

I hate to burst you bubble but the multiplayer looks like its the Halo Reach multiplayer with 7 remade maps from Halo Ce. In other words, your getting Halo Ce with Halo Reach’s multiplayer. (Just like Halo: ODST where you got Halo 3’s multiplayer as well).

please do not put the jet pack in multiplayer.

Yes please don’t put that thing in multiplayer.

Agree. No el jet packyo

Yeah, this looks like its going to be an expansion like ODST if anything. Personally, I am 100% okay with that.

Yeah, i thought that :(, Ohwell, least we have Halo -Yoinking!- 4!

The remade maps are multiplayer maps for Halo Reach. Similar to the maps that came with ODST.

Regardless of your view on AAs, the suit was using exo-boosters to navigate. Meaning the suit is very 0-G friendly and the boosters don’t have enough thrust to achieve normal lift, though they can probably help increase jump height just that little extra if timed right…

Perhaps I have figured out some gameplay mechanics… Perhaps I am just looking too much into the lore.

Please, 343 LEARN from Bungie’s error…

The concept of AAs in a FPS is absurd. No matter how you put it, people WILL try to abuse it…

Because when people wanted a Halo: CE remake, they wanted ONLY the campaign remade and the maps made for Reach.

What the hell? I better get my 3 shot pistol one way or another or Certain Affinty is in for a world of hurt.

So I’ve been scanning over this trailer for the past 10 minutes and I’ve noticed a few things.

  1. A spartan using sprint at 0:45
  2. Reach death animations and sound effects at 0:49
  3. Assassination at 0: 53 but pay attention to the spartan being assassinated. He has an ODST helmet with the Reach default chest. The new HD chief seems to be sporting his Pre-2000 design, when bungie was still designing for the Mac.
  4. Lastly, look at some of the assets in the trailer. Those are undoubtedly Reach marines and the Reach warthog.

Now let’s analyze a little. This game has been rumored for awhile. In these rumors, I’ve heard that the game will feature online co-op but lacks online multiplayer. If we allow ourselves to judge that rumor as true, then it would make sense for Saber Interactive to include Reach’s multiplayer as a substitute. They stated in this trailer it will have online co-op but when it came to multiplayer, they just stated that there will be “Seven of the greatest multiplayer maps of all time.” Everyone assumes there will be online multiplayer but it’s entirely better for marketing if they DON’T say that it’s not included. They skirted around the subject in my opinion. I don’t want to belittle this game by riding it off as just a map pack because it’s not. I think it looks beautiful and I’m eager to see what changes were made and what stood the test of time.

TL;DR I believe that this game will have Halo 1’s campaign and Reach’s multuplayer.

Here’s a the trailer in HD, as a reference


Edit: Looks like my post was moved to this discussion! I think it works out better that way :slight_smile: Anywhoo, looking at the screenshots, it’s definitly the Reach multiplayer engine and I feel stupid for wasting my time. At least we’ll know what to expect :slight_smile:

What are you thinking 343?

Also looks like there is jet pack. sigh…

I see the same AR, Pistol AND Needler Rifle from Reach in the pic, are you sure this isnt Reach?

Guys and Gals, everyone just take a moment to breath…
okay good. I’m sure 343 appreciate you’re faith in them but i think it’s just best to let them take it into their own hands, with constructive criticism etc. And yes Bungie flopped Reach in some aspects but let’s not forgot all the previous Halo’s before.